Church Annulment

In Malta, a marriage can either be annulled by the Law Courts or otherwise be annulled by Church Tribunal if the marriage was celebrated in accordance with the Roman Catholic rite.

To determine whether a marriage is null the Maltese Law Courts apply the provisions of the Marriage Act, while the Church Tribunal applies the Code of Canon Law. A declaration by the Church Tribunal that a marriage is null is likely to allow a person to re-marry in accordance with the Catholic rite.  

More information on marriage annulment through the Church Tribunals is available on

A marriage that is annulled by the Church Tribunal is not automatically recognized by the Maltese state. Before the church annulment can be recognized by the Maltese authorities the decree by the ecclesiastical tribunal must be presented before the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal would ensure that the proper procedure was followed by the Church Tribunal to determine whether the marriage should be annulled or not. Hardly ever, is a decree given by the Church Tribunal not accepted by the Court of Appeal.


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